How do i use appium unicode keyboard in robotframework?

i have enabled appium unicode and ime keyboard. and set unicode keyboard as default keyboard.

in my robot framework, previously i used adb shell input text command.

what is the replacement for this lin?
i am new to this, please guide me.

UiAutomator2 driver is able to enter Unicode character by default. There is no need to change IME for that. You could also use mobile: type extension if it is necessary to emulate typing (sendKeys uses accessibility primitives under the hood and clears a text field before starting the input)

Do you know what command in robotframework I should use?
What is mobile type extension? Can you point me to any doc or reference codes?
Adb shell input text is the only way I can send text to text box but it does not accept unicode.
I’m using mobile native app.

I’m using uiautomator2 already. It is defined in capabilities in robotframework script.

What did you suggested? Sorry I don’t understand clearly still after go thru all command list. It is still adb shell? I’m already using it.

Anybody already used any good command please share me how to implement and type unicode in text field. Thanks