How to close an app

Hi, I am using a native app.
The requirement is after execution, I need to kill the app, currently, it’s going into the background.
Tried close, quit, closeup, terminateApp but each time it’s going in the background.
Please suggest.

@Gunjan_Kapoor1 could you please provide the platform details (Android/iOS) and the appium logs with the commands which you’ve tried.

i am using IOS and commands used like

@Gunjan_Kapoor1 when you executing mentioned command while your app running in foreground what happens? Does app close (at least visually)?

Hi. The app goes into background, I need to close the app so it’s not visible in background also.

if you manually kill app will it be killed also or goes into background?

Manual its getting killed , not showing in background.

Well nothing left. No more ideas. You need investigate issue yourself looking at appium logs. Repeating manually same commands and checking behavior.