How to get access to title of ViewPager(Android)?

Hi everyone. In our android application we have ViewPager with 2 static pages and pages, that you can add dynamically. And besides that dynamic pages are having same type like first static (its a news feeds, first page its a feed with top news and others are specific category feeds). Problem is that we can’t get access to the current page title. How to determine with appium on which page we are stand?
Also, can we get access through Appium to index property of views that displayed for example in object inspector?

We are using js to writing tests. Appium version 1.3.7.

We have multiple pages in our android application, but each of them have a unique activity that can be obtained with appium_driver.driver.current_activity (which parsed the output of adb shell dumpsys window windows and returns a portion of the Focused activity). Alternatively, you can identify objects on the page that are unique to that page. We prefer resource ids as we’ll have to test multiple languages some day, but classes or text fields could also be used.

Thx for reply! I try your variants.