How to get element or text from custom UI in android [android.view.View]

Hi All
I beginner test automation on Android by Appium,
I use IUAtomatorviewer to get ELement from Android Application
But i see that is / android.view.View
in [android.view.View] element, there no text or other informatoin

Here is my code

AndroidElement el = driver.findElement(***.vodi:id/message_list_item_chat_id));
AndroidElement el2 = (AndroidElement) el.findElementByClassName(“android.view.View”);
el2.getText(); //result is blank
el2.getAttribute(“text”) //result is blank

how do i get text inner [android.view.View] ?

Here image of UIAutomatorviewer

you need ask your Android development help to unhide elements inside view for testing.

The View you have selected on the second picture seem to be a container.
Try to set ‘android:contentDescription’ attribute for inner TextViews, that should make them visible to Appium.