How to get the iOS device console logs with appium java?


@wreed @Sonali is there a difference between using the cap “realDeviceLogger”, and “showiOSLog” ?

Also I believe the --log flag also does the same thing as showiOSlog?


Is there any way we can pull out the network calls or Api that are given invoked during the appium operations ?


@wreed tagging again in hopes of getting a response to my comment from 5-6 days ago :slight_smile:


I’m actually not sure. It seems like realDeviceLogger might not get logs from a simulator, but I can’t find anything documenting that.


Can you share the code pls


can you share the java code to get the logs pls


I could get the crash logs thank you all.:slight_smile:


can you share the code please


I put both of the following capabilities in my project, and it showed the device console logs!

desiredCapabilities.setCapability("realDeviceLogger", "/usr/local/lib/node_modules/deviceconsole"); desiredCapabilities.setCapability("showIOSLog", "true");
  • Real Device: iPhone 6S
  • iOS: 11.4.1
  • Appium Server: v1.7.2