How to join with gmail or Yahoo id?


Hi, could you please give me an invite,
[email protected]’. Thanks.


@bootstrap, can you please send me Appium slack invitation on "[email protected]". I would love to be part of this community and wants to contribute in this wonderful community.


Can I please get an invite for [email protected]? Thank you.


Hi everyone. Who can send me invite to the appium slack group. Please send me. [email protected]


Hi there! Can I get the invite, [email protected]? Thanks a lot.


Hi! Can I get invite, [email protected] ? Thanks.


Can you please send invite to [email protected]


Could you send invite to [email protected] ?


Hello! Can I get the invite too? [email protected]? Thanks


Everyone should have invites now. Also slack has been updated to allow everyone to invite members.

As a reminder, this is a development slack and not for end user support. Thanks!


@bootstrap Hey!
Can I get the invite too [email protected]


Can I get an invite too? [email protected]


Hi @bootstrap,
Could you please send me an invite ?
[email protected]




Hi @bootstrap,

Could you send me invite as well: [email protected]

Thanks you


Hi @bootstrap,

Could you send me an invite to this address: [email protected] ?

Kind regards,


Hi @bootstrap,
could you please kindly add me to the slack. [email protected]
Kind Regards,
Shiva Oleti


I retired from appium. :sob:

Anyone can invite people on the appium slack. Hopefully people will continue to onboard new users now that I’ve moved on.


can anyone add me to slack group as well ?
here is my email : [email protected]


Can someone add me too? [email protected]