How to push file to iOS

Following this bindings doc I was able to get files pushed onto Android devices.

However when I went to try on iOS, I noticed there was no pushFile method available for the iOS driver (using the java client)

How do I push files to the iOS simulator? I have received feedback from @jlipps that this is indeed possible.



How are you pushing files on Android device ? Can you help with that ? in which java client is the pushFile API available ?

I’m using the Android Driver to push files:

The bindings doc has an example in Java:

byte[] data = Base64.encodeBase64(“some data for the file”.getBytes());
String path = “/data/local/tmp/file.txt”;
driver.pushFile(path, data)

If you’re using an android emulator, make sure that it has a writeable SD card.


Have you tried with iOS real devices ?

Does it work ?

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