How to record the screen of IOS as a video by using Appium?

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Is there a way to record IOS screen while automating, if there…please let me know , how it would be possible.

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I built a CLI tool to do video recording (amongst other things) for iOS and Android. Should work with any framework / language where you can make a system call.


hello, can you telling, how can i run flick-recording from java?

Hi Fafner,

I’m not a java developer but take a look at the link below. After you install the Flick gem, you can then execute it in your java code just like you would do any other shell command.

Can you please share the command for record a video @isonic1

Sure. Go to the repo and see the docs and examples. Thanks.

Ya i have gone through the document but it is creating images. What i need is to test video content. Is it possible to test a video on IOS with the above tool.

“flick video -p ios -a start” and “flick video -p ios -a stop” did not work for you?

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Ok i will run the above command but can i define the location of the video file

Yeah, pass in a -o argument to specify the output directory. flick video --help will give you the full list of arguments for that job. Passing in --help on each job will give you a full detail list of all arguments available. Let me know if I need to update the documentation to reflect this. The readme should have it if not.

Thanks @isonic1 i will try it.


this is not working in iphone10. file is getting created as 0bytes. can you please help