How to reset the app state when running through a new test?

Hi all, we’re currently using and appium for our automated tests, written in JS, using Cucumber. An example of the issue we’re facing is for our login/logout tests we want to iterate through a group of users which works fine. The issue is, we need to have the app in a fresh state each time it goes through the next user since we have messages in the app that are only displayed once per app install.

Is there a way to reset the app data with appium? I did see: but it doesn’t look like this actually works.

The only workaround we have at the moment is to Uninstall, reinstall, then launch the app in our step definitions. I was hoping though that there might be a much quicker way of doing this as it’ll slow down the tests quite a bit.

many depends on your app. many apps even after delete and install can automatically login.

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