How to start_activity with intent of opening a url with Python?


I am trying to open a Facebook post URL in the FB app. But Android is asking me to choose with which app to open the URL and ask me “Only once?” or “Always?”.
I clicked always but it still doesn’t open the FB app. I am stocked here.

So I did some search about this issue and I discovered that the method “start_activity” has some parameters “intent”:

The problem is that this parameter is only for java and doesn’t exist for Python, does it?

Does anyone know how can I open FB app on a particular post with the help of the URL post?

Honestly I don’t understand what you mean, the command and parameter of the appium’s startActivity method are the same. Now I don’t understand why you inserted a link to the Android documentation that helps you learn how to develop android apps in your question, do you know what an intent is? I think you are trying to do something similar to this question:

java - Open a Facebook post URL in android Facebook app programmatically - Stack Overflow

If so, do you know how to program for android? You have to understand what this code does to replicate it in another language

Thanks for helping. Yes, I am trying to do this :

But in Python

Here are the screenshots of what is going on. Even by hand, the issue is still there. I can’t open a url.

Correct way in 2018 to open Facebook app via website link? - Stack Overflow

I believe that your url is wrong try to use the link above and try to reformulate the link and tell here if it solved.