How to stop the 'display' refresh with the blue circle and blue dot when appium connects

Info about the setup:

  1. This is a real device
  2. Appium is running on Windows
  3. The device is already running the desired application
  4. the ONLY reason our test is using Appium is we need to know the current display.
    (we will not use any other feature other than current_url - this is all we care about)

When Appium connects to our product -it refreshes the display with the attached image white screen, light lines in the back ground, with a blue circle and a blue dot in the middle).

I need this ‘refresh display’ to stop.

Our product is waiting for a response that should come from the remote -but this display is triggering our product to react which is causing our product to shut down.

How do I disable this refresh?

Here are the capabilities in use:
‘appPackage’: APPPACKAGE,
‘autoLaunch’: False,
‘androidUseRunningApp’: APPPACKAGE, # so it doesn’t try to start android
#‘appWaitActivity’: ‘SplashActivity’,
‘appWaitPackage’: APPPACKAGE,
‘deviceName’: ‘Android’,
‘appActivity’: ‘.MainActivity’,
‘platformVersion’: ‘4.4’,
‘platformName’: ‘Android’, # Note use of Selenoid does NOT work with a Real system!!
‘automationName’: ‘Appium’,
‘fullReset’: False,
‘noReset’: True,
‘newCommandTimeout’: 120, # should prevent Appium from ever timing out

Is this blue circle from your app?

No - at least it is not a valid display our product is ever allowed to display!
If Android has some ‘built in display’ that Appium is triggering - that I can’t answer.
The only time I ever see the attached display is when Appium first connects to our product - there is something about the initial connection that causes our display to refresh.
Our package is already started and running - Appium should only connect to it.

Can you clear/close all running applications from your device and then run the appium tests. See if that works.

Thank you - but no. Our product has its own application start process - Android is only a small part of that process.
Appium’s only job is to return the current url - it is not to start or stop our products process.

If appium is executing after your process initiates your product on Android device, then try following:

Launch any other application on Android device through Appium (may be Settings app)
Then try to ask appium to switch app to your app

I never tried it but I think it should work

Thank you for the suggestion - there is no other Android device launch.
The only purpose of Appium is automation needs the current_url
Appium GUI is running on Windows without the source -
Surely there must be a way to tell Appium to not refresh the display . . .

I found the offending line that is causing the image I attached:

info: [debug] executing cmd: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools\adb.exe” -s ip shell “am start -S -a android.intent.action.MAIN -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER -f 0x10200000 -n …ourproductapk.MainActivity”

Now I need to figure out which setting will stop this from running.

‘autoLaunch’: False doesn’t seem to help,

This is referring to launching your application through appium. Referring back to my earlier idea, when you provide capabilities to appium driver, it is bound to launch that application. May be you launch some other application on your device first (when appium test run starts) and then switch capabilities to your own app (after wait that you know how much you need to set) and switch the driver to new app (your app) capabilities.