I am unable to run Appium Here is the complete details

Here are the details about the issue I am facing
Here is the health check done from Appium UI
Inline image 1

here is the iOS configuration done on Appium UI

I have opened iOS Simulator iPhone 6S Plus and Launch

Appium runs for say 4-5 seconds and display a message
error: Log capture did not start in a reasonable amount of time

Inline image 3

Could you please advice the solutions?Uploading…

You need to install ideviceinstaller.

Go to terminal and enter below
brew install ideviceinstaller

If you didn’t install homebrew in your mac do it first


I tried everything but still no clue.

Please let me know if anything need to check.

Are you trying to run app manually using appium.dmg file ?
How did u get UDID of iPhone6plus simulator ?

Just check Prelauch option should be unchecked when u run it…

I got its UDID details from device option where it display all device details