Image Recognition script with Opencv4nodejs not working on Device cloud like saucelabs or AWS device farm

Hi ,

I have created my Appium script to test the game app with Image Recognition framework using Opencv4nodejs, the Scripts work fine on my local machine but when i try to run them on device cloud like saucelabs or AWS device farm i get below mentioned error:

“[TestNG] org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: ‘opencv4nodejs’ module is required to use OpenCV features. Please install it first (‘npm i -g opencv4nodejs’) and restart Appium.

Can someone please help me how to overcome this error?


If opencv libs are not installed in the cloud env then it won’t work. Consider contacting the customer support of the corresponding cloud provider

i have tried with Saucelabs and Aws device farm , they are saying that I need to provide the dependencies for opencv4nodejs ( .jar file) and i could not find any .jar files for opencv4nodejs.

Any idea how i could provide the dependencies so that it works on device cloud?

Does it mean that if we use opencv4nodejs the script will only work locally and not on Device Cloud as most of the device cloud providers do not have it in their environment.

I would say yes, it does

My scripts are not working on AWS device farm and also Saucelabs which i tried since my company has a contract in place with them, Can you please let me know some other Device cloud where it works for you. Or if it works for you on AWS and Saucelabs as well then where am i going wrong.

Unfortunately I know none