In IOS 10 tap & swipe supported for appium 1.6.x or not

Hi team,

I am testing automation in iOS 10 using appium 1.6.3. I am able to create driver and automation is working however IosDriver.tap() produce the below result:-

org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: Support for multi-action API is not yet implemented.

Need to know tap & swipe working in iOS 10 using appium 1.6.3

@Pooja_Gosain it does, just search for swipe here or in appium github repo, you will find lots of examples.

Also use latest appium version as it has got fixes related to swipe on iOS

Hi vikram,

thank you for you response. But can you please tell me the stable version of appium in which we got the fixes related to tap & swipe. We also not able to perform tap using appium 1.6.3 on iOS 10.

@Pooja_Gosain, you may refer to below link for swipe and tap related gestures.

It worked for me on IOS 9.3.5, you can try this.

@Pooja_Gosain refer to

It should be working with latest appium version 1.6.4-beta