Integration of Tapster 2 to Appium


Hi guys,

From some point of views this post can be related to a feature, or can be related to a bug, because I will talk about Tapster bot.

Some monthes ago my company bought a Tapster bot and I started to work on it. Appium was at its 1.4 version, and code for controlling the bot was available in the ios-controller.js.
For several voodoo reasons, the project I worked on was delayed, and I resumed it few weeks ago.

I have found that there was no more code about the Tapster bot in Appium since, I think, the big refactoring from Appium 1.4 to Appium 1.5. No management of desired capabilities, no management of parameters, and missing code in ios-driver.

I would like to know how I can help the team to improve Appium (I have targeted appium-base-driver, appium-ios-driver, appium-android-driver) so as to make it deal with Tapster 2 robot. What could be the best way? What things must be done? Are there any documentation to explain the glue between Appium, the bot and their dependancies?

I hope we may work together to bring this kind project back to Appium :stuck_out_tongue:

The related issue on GitHub is #9367 (



Hi folks,

For your information, a fork of the original Tapsterbot project has been made, with plenty of cool clients and fixes to improve the project and drive the robot :wink:

It might be cool to add its integration in the milestones of the Appium project.

For people who want to use the robot, feel free to check at this GitHub repo.