iOS 14 not showing element names but does on 15

I am testing a React Native app that has Test IDs defined that translates down to the name attribute of the element when Appium looks at it. I am writing tests in Python. I can find by Appium.ID for these attributes on iOS 15+, but when testing on 14 these attributes are not present. It’s not that none of these attributes are missing but only a certain set.

Does anyone have any experience with an issue like this? Could it be Appium, or maybe it is the structure of the app code for these elements?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Anyone? If no one has seen something like this, maybe it is particular to the app I’m testing.

I haven’t seen anything like this, but in my experience it’s more about the version of Xcode you are using. Here is a compatibility matrix for Xcode versions and the iOS versions that are supported. Hope it helps:

Xcode compatibility matrix