IOS 15 and real device

@Aleksei theres need to work for example only with appium 1.22 and above?

not sure when appium started to support 15.1… check pls ->

@Aleksei and according to these info, does the clicking suppose to work even with the overlay?

Appium does not care about overlay. Appium uses native XCUITest commands.

In case overlay starts blocking anything native iOS testing will stop also.

@Aleksei So I guess the overlay starts to block the screen…isn’t it?

No. You can tap manually to check right while test runs.

@Aleksei so if so why it is not clicking on the element?
Also, in your automation the overlay is there and the automation is working too?

Why not working is your app spetsific.
With our devices we have also this overlay on phone. Even after automation stopped. I see this overlay after night tests run in the morning on devices.

@Aleksei what is your exact configuration there?
Appium version etc…?

write list what versions you need to see. i will fill.

Appium server
Appium inspector
Java version
I think that is all

Appium server: 1.22
Appium inspector: i do not use
Java version: “11.0.10” 2021-01-19 LTS

How you inspect elements?
I mean the inspector of Appium itself

Page source mostly. Sometimes xCode or Android Studio inspectors.

Than you have the predicate string or class chain over there? because I saw xpath over there only