Ios Automation - Not able to find Secure password field

I have everything set proper. I am automating one application. I have login screen. When I run script , it works fine with “Username” field and do proper sendkeys but for password it is not able to find element even if xpath has no mistake.

XML for Username and password given below :

<UIATextField name="" label="" value=" Username" dom="" enabled="true" valid="true" visible="true" hint="" path="/0/0/2" x="37" y="151" width="246" height="30">
            <UIASecureTextField name="" label="" value=" Password" dom="" enabled="true" valid="true" visible="true" hint="" path="/0/0/3" x="37" y="190" width="246" height="30">

Kindly help.

Kindly provide.

The appium version
appium client/version
and the logs if u have any …

This will help to sort our your problem well

driver.findElement(By.className("UIASecureTextField ")).sendKeys(“password”);


Awesome… Thanks a lot. It works…

Hi @amitjaincoer191,

i also have a question. Do you have any idea about how to handle the security keyboard on mobile ?

As you may know, some banking apps are using security keyboard instead of the native keyboard. I have no idea how to click the keyboard or send keys to the app.

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