IOS Getting text from UILabel

I am using appium 1.3.0 beta to automate an iPhone app.
Client: C#. net , Webdriver

I have an issue trying to get the text value from a UILabel using Appium 1.3.0 beta. In code the text displayed is set dynamically when the page is loaded. The app is clearly showing the value set on screen but when I find the label with Appium it returns an empty string value.

If we set the label element’s Accessibility Trait ‘Static Text’ to checked, and set an accessibilityLabel then the element’s text property is inspectable(The elements type shows as UIAStaticText in Appium inspector) and but it gets set to the value applied for the AccessibilityLabel. This provides us a workaround but our dev team do not want to be setting the accessibilityLabel like this.

Has anyone else had this problem, or know a solution?

I think this maybe linked to

Hi! Did you find a solution to this one?