iOS Swipe down notification won't focus on new layer

In order to test the notification of iOS, I send a notification with another device while my iPhone device is in background. Right after, I swipe down the iPhone screen in order to see the received notification like that -

((IOSDriver) driver).swipe(500,0,500,1000,1000);

The above works, and I can physically see the notification, but Appium won’t let me access elements in that screen (I checked on appium inspector and it inspects the layer below the notification one)

Any advice ?
Thanks !

Hi Natez,

Did you check the XML? Navigating with mouse may not be possible while conflicting with the application layer below. Try browsing through XML structure (if you haven’t already)

And have you tried adding a wait() beforehand? Giving the app time to load works sometimes.

@batuozk Thank you for the response.

I have a busy wait function to wait for an element so its not about the wait time.
I browsed through the entitre appium inspector to see the layers, and its all indicating that its still focused on the layer below.