{IOS} there is someone able to run appium server by commandline in background thread?

hello all!
I think all is in the title … I need to run appium server by commandline in background … on mac! (on windows it’s work perfectly)…
I tried and face an error: write epipe … that stuck me …
Then I would like to ask if someone do this … maybe no one do it and then I face an issue but maybe I don’t follow the rights steps…
So if someone is able to do this let me know and if this person could share how she/he is doing this it could be great ! thx in advance.

how you installed appium on MAC? DMG or npm command?

I installed with DMG

your way is in link

see start with “bin/appium.js” way.

ok i’ll try thx , i’ll tell you if it’s work or if it doesn’t

It was a java problem (a path problem) like
When i run my command line I do it with java and java don’t import environnement variable like bash do
So I have added environnement in the command.
It’s working fine now.