IOS webdriver getPageSource() parser error, dom: [object Object]


I am using appium web drive java api. When I am on a specific screen I see that It has lines like this :

<UIAStaticText name="Password" label="Password" value="" dom="**[object Object]**" enabled="true"...

In the server logs I see :


Wich is showing that the element UIASecureTextField does have an ID = PASSWORD_FIELD-inner. It is located in the dom attribute.

The only way I could find it was with this command :

getDriver().findElements(org.openqa.selenium.By.xpath("//UIASecureTextField[@dom='[object Object]']"))

But this way I am not able to see the contents of this attribute. Seems like the parser is not able to parse it. Is there a way to reach the contents of dom programmatically?