IPhone Execution is Slower Compare to IPAD Execution Using Appium 2.0

Hi All,

The Framework is keyword driven, and utilising an Excel sheet and keywords, the same test script is created and executed on both an iPad and an iPhone. The way the sheets handle swipe and scroll for both devices is the sole distinction between the different sheets we utilise for the iPad and iPhone test cases.

But in theory, an IPAD’s execution time would be quicker than an iPhone’s.
Note: The network bandwidth is the same and the same programme is running on both devices.

Iphone Specifications:
Iphone 13 Pro with iOS 16.6.1 and 6GB of RAM.
Appium 2.0

iPad Specifications:
iPAd Air (4th generation)
iOS 16.3.1, 4GB of RAM, and 2.0 Appium
Has this issue happened to anyone else?

@ Aleksei

Many depends on code written and… screen size.
With larger screen more elements are visible and less swipe needed. Swipe is quite slow on ios plus time to calm down after swipe also 100-250msec.

Without knowing details of your code hard to suggest anything…