Is it possible setup Appium XCUITest Driver for real devices without "Automatically manage signing"

Our iOS developers get some mess in their certificates when they use “Automatically manage signing” in xcode projects. So they configured only 1 valid certificates for every developer with the fastlane tool .

Automatic code signing for iOS with Fastlane tool

In appium documentation Appium XCUITest Driver Real Device Setup there are specified

select “Automatically manage signing”

But it produces new certificates.
For this cases developers create wildcard provisioning profile with default application bundle and renamed every meaning of com.facebook… bundles of WebDriverAgent.xcodeproj in Xcode.
So we can run autotests on ios real devices without producing new certificates.
I don’t like this way of signing, because we renamed a lot of bundles and constants in code of WebDriverAgent but after re-installing appium WebDriverAgent.xcodeproj - re-installed ass well.
Im thinking about saving WebDriverAgent.xcodeproj with custom bundle locally and just copy it to appropriate directory after re-installing appium.
Does anybody know how to do it with simply way?

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