Is there a way to run test scripts on Android without having to install the Android JDK?

Because as far as I know, just ADB is enough to control the entire Android device.
The flow I am hoping for is: I will run it for the first time on a computer with the Android JDK to have Appium Settings app installed on my Android device, then I want to transfer that script to a Raspberry Pi to run as an Automator (without the Android SDK, just ADB).
Please help me. Thanks

Android SDK is required to create emulator on your machine. For executing scripts, ADB is sufficient. Pls try & share your findings.

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agree, if you install java, and the appium package and then install adb on a pi, it will/should work. But I would not waste my time unless I had a pi with 4Gb of Ram though. Are you running Bookworm?

Yes, show us the actual error (please not a entire stacktrace, the actual error only) and what steps you took to get there.