Keyword driven Framework supports Parallel running using Appium

Hi All,

I m using keyword driven framework to automate mobile app. Is Keyword driven supports parallel running using appium. ??

Plz help me how to start parallel running using this framework?

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Shashi JB

Yes, if you are using TestNG framework in your keyword driven framework.
For parallel execution please read the following post:

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Hi All ,

@ Abdul,@All

Thanks for quick reply. I m not using TestNG framework. Currently using Hybrid Keyword-driven Test using Exel sheet.

I need more help regarding the conversion & new to TestNG framework.

MyFramework contains mainly 3 java files like --> -->

Currently I m reading the data from the Microsoft Exel sheet. I have heard like we can’t read the input data from Exle sheet for parallel run.

My keyword driven framework structure like this,

Ref : Keyword Driven TestFramework

Please suggest how to start parallel execution using this framework …

Thanks in advance

Shashi JB

Hi Shashi ,

I am new to the Framework … Can you explain me the Framework structure that you are following for Mobile app