LeftTabBarItem of XCUIElementTypeNavigationBar not found by Appium


Is there a way to identify a button element of XCUIElementTypeNavigationBar

Thanks for your help.

it is all depends on your app.

share result of:


executed while this screen visible at gist.github.com and we can help you

Please find the result on this link https://gist.github.com/msissani/0e2a698f93c2dc2e03c48013b74685d9

You could only see an element in Appium if it is made accessible in the application code

@Munitor no luck. This element not accessible. There are two ways:

  • if you know that it should be there you can tap using ‘XCUIElementTypeNavigationBar’ to left part.
  • as wrote Mykola ask ios dev (or you can learn yourself) make this element accessible.
    a bit help:
    in some function:
        private let myName = UILabel().id("myName")

	init() {
		accessibilityElements = [myName]

@Aleksei @mykola-mokhnach Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: . I will check with dev team and let you know