Limit the maximum number of running simulators

Hello, Guys, is there any ways to limit amount of running simulators at the one time of machine on appium server level? I can set the amount of threads at the TestNg level, but it works every for one project.
I have two test automation ios projects and sometimes it runs at the same time on the one machine, it causes conflicts because ios tests don’t have an orchestration system (queue)

  1. project1 runs test-automation in 4 thread
  2. project 2 runs automation in 4 thread

-> there are 8 simulators, it uses a lot of resources, and currently mac mini works very slow in this case.

This is going to be specific to the test framework and it’s scheduler that you use, not really an Appium question.
I wrote my own framework, so I have no idea which TestNG pages to point you to, perhaps ask on their forums? (Would try to never use the simulator, it hides all kinds of issues, having budget for phones as long as they don’t explode is much less pain.)

And welcome to the community, sorry that I don’t have a better answer on TestNG parameters.

I mean there could be 10 different projects with different running system, and they don’t know about other, so I would know maybe is it possible to limit amount of simulators on appium server level or mac machine? Maybe some server capabilities? Like “maximum-concurrent-test-simulator”
In android it does selenoid, but ios doesn’t support tools like this.

Problem not in simulators. Problem in instrument tool instances that need to run to execute XCUitests (per my old knowledge it max allowed one).