Local storage and "--no-reset" flag


I’d like to test an app that use a sqlite db to save various states and options between launches. By default on iOS simulator, calling resetApp() reset the simulator (erasing the db), which is a good behavior for many tests but not when I want to test the db. I would like to be able to stop the app, relaunch it, and check that the db as been loaded correctly.

I have tried to launch appium with the --no-reset flag but now I’m stuck with the opposite problem, I can’t find a way to force a full reset of the simulator from my test suite.

What is the appropriate setup for this kind of tests? Obviously I would like to automate these tests as much as possible and restarting appium between tests with different options doesn’t seem to be a great solution.

System: I’m using appium 1.3.1 with wd nodejs driver on Yosemite with iOS simulator 8.1.