Long tap while looking for elementId

I am dealing with a control bar for a video player which cannot be found unless the control bar is static on the screen. The problem is that unless the video is paused the control bar only shows up for a few seconds when tapping.

I have tried tapping the video and getting the element however it doesn’t find the element. Instantly as soon as I manually pause the video to make the control bar static it finds the element I am looking for.

The solution I am thinking of involves using a long tap, while at the same time also looking for the element. However, when I use the code below, it seems to block for 5 seconds and then look for the element afterwards. How can I preform a long tap while at the same time look for an element?

driver.tap(1, webElement, 5000);
//get Element using ID here

So currently I have fixed this issue by spawning a thread to tap and another thread which looks for the elementID, however, I would love to hear if anyone else has a better solution