Make testRun on multiple devices/versions


I currently got a test suite that has the following structure

  1. baseClass, in this class I only have one method with the “BeforeSuite” annotation (TestNG) and here I start my appium server AppiumDriverLocalService.

  2. Multiple test classes, In all my test classes I extend the baseClass so avoid duplicate code ( to start the server)

I got a testNG.xml where I have named all the tests I want to run, then I run my suite with “mvn test -DsuiteXmlFile=testNG.xml”

My problem is I want to be able to make this suite run on multiple different emulators, not only the one mentioned in my serverCapabilitiy, how do I go about doing this? So for example, if I run my testNG.xml it runs all my tests, after its completed it tests everything on another emulator with different api level. This continues based how many times I’ve decided. How do I do this in the easiest way?

Using POM, TestNG, Java,
java client 5.0.0
Appreciate all help. Regards