Mobile Safari share extension

As a newbie to IOS development I’ve started to create a mobile Safari share extension and would like to test it with Appium.

I understand that I’m supposed to add my application to the caps when starting my test session. However, in the case of a share extension I really want to start with mobile Safari and not my app so that I can select the share button in Safari for my test.

I’d appreciate any hints.

So far I’ve managed to get Safari to show up.

desired_caps = {
  caps:       {
    deviceName:    'iPhone Simulator',
    platformVersion: '8.1',
    platformName: 'ios',
    browserName: 'safari'
  appium_lib: {
    sauce_username:   nil, # don't run on Sauce
    sauce_access_key: nil

Still the questions remains how to add my share extension to the simulator.