Need help testing cordova-wrapped apps

I’m testing an Android App that is a web app wrapped in cordova. So, the context that driver.getContextHandles() would only result to NATIVE_APP. However, UIAutomatorViewer shows that the elements inside the app are located beyond the Screen of the Device. This results to elements that cannot be reached by driver.tap(). will trigger but will not succeed in clicking the element. I’ve also tried getting the center of an element by using formulas derived from Points, Dimensions and Screen size, however, this only works for some elements. The elements that I’m talking about that are unreachable are those found in a list (ex. List containing 100 items), specifically items/elements that are at the bottom of the list and even if I succeed in scrolling til the item is visible in the device screen, tap/click will still not work and if I print out the coordinates, I found out that even if I scroll til the item is visible, it’s X and Y coordinates will still be the same.

I hope my scenario was clear. I’m out of ideas now, on how to automate this… any ideas from you guys that I can try? Is this even automatable? Thanks!