Not able to compare from get.text()

Hey folks,
Its urget plz help me
I am not able to compare the text with get.text().It always show me in comparison example like expected=sagar but was [] like this .see the screenshot

try also:

Webelement order = driver.findElement(By.xpath("//UIATabelCell[1]"))

If you want to check all TabelCells. Then store elements in list using UIATabelView as xpath locator and then iterate through each.

String Claimlabel = driver.findElement(getElement(“claimsummary.order.label”)).getText();
Assert.assertEquals(“Order”, Claimlabel);“PASS - Found Claim Type label”);

I am using this assert but still I am getting the same thing found nothing.I tried ,getAttribute(“label”) but it doesn’t work
claimsummary.order.label--------its…please help so that I can complete it