Not able to inspect element of drop down using UIAutomatorViewer

I want to select options from drop down on Android but I am not able to inspect element of drop down. Also these elements are not present in hierarchy as well.

I can browse the hierarchy and inspect other controls, I can’t inspect the elements of a drop down list. UIAutomatorViewer just doesn’t let me to click the drop down list. Instead, it shows a blue rectangle around the element which is under the drop down list. I have tried uiautomatorviewer, hierarchyviewer as well as Appium Inspector and all three have the same problem. Is there any way to work around this?

Dropdown is also not of tag Select

@seema have your problemed solved???
I have also faced same problem… Cant able to inspect drop down element location from uiautomatorviewer…

You can try driver.scrollToExact(“Item Name”)

Thank you @seema :slight_smile: