Not able to inspect elements inside <ScrollView> for an iOS app with Appium Inspector

We are automating on an iOS mobile application which has been developed with react native. For the automation we have been asked to use Appium tool with Pytest-BDD. Currently we are facing an issue with the <ScrollView> while inspecting the Mobile elements with the help of Appium Inspector… As developers already provided the Accessibility Id’s, Accessibility label and other elements props but we are not able to access elements inside (Child elements) <ScrollView> using Appium inspector…Is there anyone who has already faced this issue and can help ?Thanks in Advance !!!

might be an accessibility issue, the iOS elements should be defined as accessible for appium to view them.
try to look at this: Ios: Can't see Elements I can interact with
and also:

as well, you can try to increase the snapshot. see:,snapshotMaxDepth,-int