Original error: Could not find adb Please set the ANDROID_HOME environment variable

I just spent an hour having the same problem, my solution was that in version 1.15.1, after fresh install,in the end, I had to manually set up ANDROID_HOME and JAVA_HOME in “Edit configurations” in Appium Desktop for it to work. Hope it helps someone


My Problem was w.r.t permissions. The location where android sdk was installed, needed sudo permission for Appium to access it. After running Appium with sudo mode error resolved.

thanks for this solution. I spend half a day correcting my bash profile and found no go. But, yes this helped me

Thank you so much! I went to Appium - Configurations… - and set ANDROID_HOME manually with /Users/andrii/Library/Android/sdk

@pothurajtharun The issue was still existing even though I had set android home path and android sdk root path.
It always displayed the error -cannot find adb path