Problem: hide multi-line IOS keyboard type

Hi Everyone,

Have anyone already faced the issue with hiding an IOS Multi Line keyboard type (the one with a “Return” button to jump to the next line. There is a "Done button at the top that is used to hide the keyboard but when called within the following script it fails to hide the keyboard but the application doesn’t crash and move to the next line:



Appium 1.7.2
IOS 11.1

Is ‘Done’ button part of keyboard? What programming language are you using? Can you post a screenshot?


Python 3

That ‘Done’ is not part of the keyboard. Cant you just locate it and tap on it, like in any other iOS element?

Thanks for the information.

I can ask my dev to see if he can give it an Accessibility Id and interact with it but I was wondering if there was a cleaner way to hide this type of keyboard using driver.hide_keyboard(…).

Can you try this: