Problem with connection on IOS

I have a problem with connection ios app on simulator by appium inspector. I get “Unable to launch WebDriverAgent because of xcodebuild failure: xcodebuild failed with code 65”.
Is important to signin bundle id for WDA? I use account without developer. It possible to run WDA without developer account?
appium logs.txt (12.3 KB)

Any idea? I need a help …

on real device you need to have developer cert

I use a simulator iphone 13

I found a this tutorial
Only for WDALib its Ok but for IntegratonApp and WDARunner I get ‘filed to create provisioning profile’. I use the same team for all targets. When I build WDARunner it success and IntegrationApp is installing on simulator.

I uninsatlled and removed all appium files. Next I installed one more appium. And… now working