Problems with PullFile on iOS

Good day. I need help with pullFile method in Appium.
My developers store advanced Log files in folder /data/Containers/Shared/AppGroup/ folder, and i need to get them after test.
So, i’m using method (Python) driver.pull_file().
AppGroupID generate different in every test, so i can’t store it in variable.
After some search, i found answer of @mykola-mokhnach,
There are 3 possible values of path: “Possible values there are ‘app’, ‘data’, ‘groups’”, but there is no documentation and i cant understand, how they work…
So, path, genereated with “groups” suit me, but i got error
“blablabla” is expected to be a subpath of 'group.blablabla".
So, tell me, how to avoid this error and get file from AppGroup folder?