Python vs Java client

Hi guys!

I’m a new to Appium :high_heel: . I’ve been trying to develop an automation project using Python-client for a couple of months. I like Python very much, it looks like it’s a language of my dream :relaxed:

Recently I’ve discovered from one Java automation project that Java-client has distinct features and even advantages IMHO from the Python one. There’re some extensions of AppiumDriver (iOSDriver, AndroidDriver) which provide additional platform-specific methods and implementations that I haven’t found in Python-client.

I was a little bit frustrated with that, so I really don’t know what to do :pensive: . Keep going it with Python or start Java?

Could anybody comment on the above please? Are there any sophisticated advantages of using Java-client over others or I’m just sadly mistaken?
Thanks in advanced!


The Ruby client has even more features :smile: All the clients just talk to the appium server using a standard protocol based on Selenium. It should be possible to have the Python client do anything the other clients can do. One benefit of appium’s architecture is you get the full power of the server regardless of which client binding is used.

@bootstraponline, so, as I understood, it’s up to me. As far as the server allows, you can develop each binding in order to get more features?

Yes, if the binding is missing some method then it’s easy to add and submit a pull request on github. The server methods are standard HTTP.