Questions and alternatives for findElement ByAndroidUIAutomator

Hi all,

In this thread Replacement for in android Appium 1.7 · Issue #9703 · appium/appium · GitHub, mykola-mokhnach answered:

You have to think about moving out from locators of type AndroidUIAutomator, since UIObject does not work well with never Android versions.

Anybody had bad experiences with maybe Android 8? (I’m using Android 7 without any problem).

I use findElementByAndroidUIAutomator a lot and I would like to know of alternatives, without being xpath to find element by name in Android and to find by multiple locators like, for instante:

new UiSelector().resourceId("my_id").text("my_text")

Thanks in advance for any hints.

Even I have tried with Android 7 using AndroidUIAutomator , it works well.

I want to know how to locate and element without using xpath,AndroidUIAutomator for text value ?