Restart appium server while running a test

i’m on IOS 9.3 with appium 1.5.3
lately i thought about restart appium server when he is saying this :
[debug] [RemoteDebugger] Found handler message ‘10’

when I get this message that’s mean he is looping for nothing* (the 10th occurence)
and I have to kill the process on the tablet

  • -> ok… it’s maybe not for “nothing” but that fact is when i kill the SafariLauncher process mannually it’s continue and it finish all the tests …

then i want to start appium programmtically (ez) in a script that is asserting the log < i’ve done this step
but my test are crashing when i restart (you will tell me obvious , i know) then i would know if someone know a good way to create a pause while i’m restarting the server :slight_smile: thx !