Samsung Note3 cannot get ProgressBar element from page_source

When I use Samsung Note 3, I cannot use driver to find the ProgressBar element. I can see the ProgressBar element from uiautomatorviewer, but I cannot see this element in the page_source which is got by appium driver.
I change to use Sony Z1, I can find the element in the page_source and uiautomatorviewer.
Why there is the difference between two devices? Anyone knows the reason?

The difference has to do with compression. It’ll be fixed soon.

If that is the case, I’m curios about why Appium behaved differently on those two phones, because the same configuration was adopted at the time.

According to the discussion #2511, the option discardNotImportantViews will be introduced in the upcoming release, I would like to confirm that the (implicit) option is disabled by default in version 1.2.1, right?

Thanks for the help in advance.

I think it’s disabled in 1.2.2.

I try to get page_source in 1.2.2, and I can find the ProgressBar element both in Samsung Note 3 and Sony Z1.