Sendkeys with Arabic text issue


Thanks a lot Aleksei… I am really happy…it started working for me as well in the Real Device…I don’t know what was wrong it didn’t work when i tried yesterday… Anyway thanks…


@semrafi mine test device LG G4. let’s try with Sony M4 - also fine. Samsung S6 - also fine.


thanks a lot man , i tried like you and it work . thanks :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Hi Aleksei,
When parsing the Arabic text, keyboard is not displaying but if keyboard is displayed wont parse the text.
Is it the behaviour ?
as i observe it is considering the external keyboard as keyboard input


@suresh_bijjam once again:

  1. add arabic keyboard on device and set it default
  2. add unicode capability to driver
  3. also try tap element before
  4. instead of setValue you can try SendKeys


Hi Aleksei,
Thanks for the update, have found one more way without doing point 1.
Other Way:- Under device settings >> Manage keyboards >> Appium Android Input Manager For Unicode – Should be enabled then no need of any other steps, In this case keyboard wont appear for the text fields while parsing but if we need to see the keyboard while execution following the above process is the best one.