Sendkeys with Arabic text issue


Thanks a lot Aleksei… I am really happy…it started working for me as well in the Real Device…I don’t know what was wrong it didn’t work when i tried yesterday… Anyway thanks…


@semrafi mine test device LG G4. let’s try with Sony M4 - also fine. Samsung S6 - also fine.


thanks a lot man , i tried like you and it work . thanks :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Hi Aleksei,
When parsing the Arabic text, keyboard is not displaying but if keyboard is displayed wont parse the text.
Is it the behaviour ?
as i observe it is considering the external keyboard as keyboard input


@suresh_bijjam once again:

  1. add arabic keyboard on device and set it default
  2. add unicode capability to driver
  3. also try tap element before
  4. instead of setValue you can try SendKeys