[SOLVED] Element details not loading in inspector for iOS application

iOS Application is loaded properly in Appium but unable to check the properties.
Inspector shows the hierarchy in first screen, but once I navigate to next screen Inspector taking the whole application as a single element. Is that because of app developer mistake ? For the same application in Android I can see the hierarchy and able to navigate. Please refer the screenshot.
WEBVIEW_1 also not working.

Did the WEBVIEW_1 appears at first and then disappears? What exactly is happening when you navigate to the “next screen”?

@shlomitc : In first screen, I can see the WEBVIEW_1 option. Once I navigate to next screens, I can’t see that option. The screen I mentioned above is the second screen.

@shlomitc: Hello !! It seems like the developer disabled some “accessibility” option during the build, I am not exactly clear with what is that option. But now I am able to see both contexts. Thanks for your help.