(SOLVED)XCUITest with Java client only capturing top level item

I am trying to work with the java client on iOS 10 and running into some issues. I can start the Appium server from terminal using the following command: node . --address “” --default-capabilities ‘{“automationName”:“XCUITest”}’ --default-capabilities '{“deviceName”:“iPhone 6s”}'

After I start the server, I am able to start my automation suite on iOS 10 and I can also use the inspector to see all objects on the application. My issue is when I try to find an object by class it is returning the top most screen, and if I put this in a list I see it’s returning everything even if it doesn’t match with the class. If I try xpath, it says the object does not exist. I have tried to put waits in and that still failed as well.

I’m guessing this is because I am not using the new driver correctly. Is the driver currently capable of being used in a java project? If so how do I declare the driver? (I have tried WebDriver, and IOSDriver, can’t seem to figure out XCUITest).

Currently I have a capability set for “automationName” with a value of “XCUITest”.

Edit: I decided to print the type attribute from everything in the screen array. I saw the new type name is “XCUIElementType” so did a find element by that and it now works.