Start/Kill appium server within java code


It needs to think about…

I am thinking about these variants… AndroidDriver and IOSDriver require remote URL. If node has been launched automatically or before test script is started they need to know port. If we could receive actual port number we would use:

new AndroidDriver(Capabilities);
new IOSDriver(Capabilities);

What are you think about it? Above is for the local starting.


I think to remote starting, the same daemon process you need to run (using ssh) that will give you port numbers.


You can use the following command to accomplish that:

echo off & FOR /F “usebackq tokens=2” %a in (TASKLIST ^| findstr /I node.exe) do (FOR /F “usebackq tokens=2” %b in (netstat -nao ^| findstr /R /C:"%a") do echo %b)

Run it from inside your Java application, parse the returned value and get the port number from it :smile:


Thanks for suggestions! I will try it.


I tried your suggestion for starting appium server through the following java code.
Somehow the server is not starting.When i check using the command sudo lsof -i :4723 there are no process running on the port 4723.
But when i try the same command manually in a terminal without /bin/sh the server starts successfully
Am i missing something here?

I am using Java 8 , Xcode 6.1 , MAC 10.10, Appium 1.3.1

public class Runner {

static String APPIUMCOMMAND = “/bin/sh /Applications/ /Applications/ --address --port 4723”;

public static void main(String[] args) throws ExecuteException, IOException {

public static void startAppiumServer() throws ExecuteException, IOException {

DefaultExecuteResultHandler resultHandler = new DefaultExecuteResultHandler();
Executor executor = new DefaultExecutor();
executor.execute(new CommandLine(APPIUMCOMMAND), resultHandler);

Thanks in advance for your time.
Regards Srinidhi


See this for help…


Hi folks first of all thanks for helping me overcome this obstacle.
at the end my solution for starting & stopping the Appium server was simple,
i created 2 shell scripts files, one for starting the server & the other for stopping it.

Start server file include the following data:
/Applications/ /Applications/ --address --chromedriver-port 9516 --bootstrap-port 4725 --no-reset --local-timezone

Stop server file include the following data:
killall node

The java code for starting & Stopping the server was:
//Start Appium server
//Stop Appium server

Hope it helps future developers!!!



I have to start and stop appium server (node) on mac machine using java code from a windows machine

is it possible and if it so can i have the code pls
Thanks in advance



Hello All,

Please check the below link from my blog,

A. K. Sahu


I am getting Invalid character error with code 800A03F6. Please help.


Hi Priyank_Shah

I was using this to Start/Stop my Appium Server. It has been working for the past 3 months. But now i upgrade to Appium and this doesn’t start the Appium Server and doesn’t throws any error. Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong.

public class SampleJavaTest {
private static Process process;
public static String APPIUM_NODE_FILEPATH = “C:/Program Files (x86)/Appium/node.exe”;
public static String APPIUM_SERVERSCRIPT_FILEPATH = “C:/Program Files (x86)/Appium/node_modules/appium/bin/appium.js”;


public void startServer() throws IOException, InterruptedException
Runtime runtime = Runtime.getRuntime();
process = runtime.exec(APPIUMSERVERSTART);
if (process != null)
System.out.println(“Appium server started”);


    public void stopServer()
    if (process != null)
    System.out.println(“Appium server stop”);

public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException, InterruptedException {


I don’t have a solution to your problem but you may want to look into the new version of the java-client which supports starting the server from java and offers, as far as I can see, a very elegant solution.


Hello Friend,

Please try the code that I posted in my post

Hope it will help you!

Aswini Kumar


Hi All,

I had found couple of github repo which has got really optimized code; showing this plus running test cases on multiple device parallel or distributed way.

Thanks to saikrishna321 for sharing this knowledge with community.




I have posted detailed explanation on starting and stopping Appium server with java code which works in windows as well as in Linux.



Thanks for all the help! I got it working.


Thanks, most welcome… hope people are finding it usefull… i’m currently working on extending this to cucumber-jvm where u can run your features in parallel and distributed way …


@saikrishna321 You Are AWESOME :crown:

I will also like to contribute to your repo in coming weeks.


Thanks !!

This is very useful code.


Thats awesome… looking forward for it :smile: