Strategy for running appium cucumber on multiple platforms

Hey guys,
Thanks all to those who have responded to my previous emails.
I’ve set up page objects for our app for the android platform.

I’ve been combing through the appium bootcamp docs on sauce - specifically “Chapter 5” - a page objects primer.

My goal is to be able to launch cucumber and tell it to use, say, the iOS page objects (vs. the android ones).
It sounds like the best way is to use rake - but not sure of the semantics of how the above Chapter 5 would work for cucumber (if at all).

Any help much appreciated.

I think I answered my own question, or at least I have something that works for me:
Just posting just in case someone else has a similar question.
Also the docs by bootstraponline on cucumber are quite good.

— ------apps
---------- myapp.feature
-------------------- --------------------env.rb

Rakefile drives the cucumber:
I have quite a few variations of these that I need to streamline, but it works:

task :ios_local_device do
sh “cp ./features/ios/support/appium_ios_sim.txt ./features/ios/support/appium.txt”
exec ‘cucumber -r features/ios/support -r features/ios/pages -r features/step_definitions’