Suggest a compatible Android System Image and Chrome APK?

Hi all. I am aiming to be able to run selenium tests on (ideally latest) Chrome browser, on an android 6, 7, 8 virtual device. However, on my Windows 10 64bit, I am having issues trying to find a suitable pairing of an x86 system image and available Chrome apk.

  • I am told to use x86 when booting the AVD; the 64s being unusably slow
  • I don’t see an x86 ARM system image available in sdk manager
  • Should I need to obtain an ATOM compatible chrome APK? If so, any sources?

Can someone therefore please give a working example of an android 6, 7 or 8 System Image I can select from the sdk manager gui and a link to a compatible Chrome apk? At the least, for android 7.

FYI, at the moment, I have the following android system images:

Android 7 - ARM 64 v8a
Android 7 - EABI v7a
Android 6 - Intel x86 Atom
Android 6 - Google APIs ARM EABI v7a

And the following APK:
Suitable for ARM, Android 7+.

The closest I have come for a match, is the above APK on Intel Atom x86, which shows the chrome welcome page when run, before the os reports error: ‘Chrome failed during startup with an unexpected error’.

Thank you